Welcome to our cottages!

Our unique cottages are located by the beaches of lakes Mallos and Puula and they offer great setting for relaxing or for more active holiday. Our guests are mostly private customers but our facilities are also suitable for companies to organize educational or recreational events. It’s also possible to organize versatile celebrations in our biggest cottage which by experience is great for that purpose!



6 + 2

Beautiful and traditional villa with excellent features. and with multiple different saunas.

Tervapääsky is located by the lake Mallos and it is for rent all year round. There is 110 square meters and two floors.



4 + 2

Log cottage for summer use by the lake Mallos.

There is 73 square meters. Old furniture and water from the well bring your beach holiday traditional atmosphere.



4 + 1

Honkasaari is 42 square meter log cabin in the island by the lake Puula.

The cottage is in a wooded island which makes it peaceful place to have a holiday. It is still very near to all the services.